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BI that's not just for the data analyst

High user adoption only occurs if your analytics platform supports the three key roles in your enterprise BI deployment.

Business users

We’ve developed Yellowfin with the business user at its heart to ensure your experience is CURATED.

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Data analysts

A complete end-to-end analytics platform empowers you to deliver invaluable insights throughout your organization.

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Enterprise IT

A platform that provides complete control, governance, access and visibility of your entire enterprise.

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We have the solution for any industry

Drive organizational strategy

Help your executive team keep your business on track with strategic dashboards that monitor what’s important. With Yellowfin, you can see all your different data sources on a single dashboard with high level summary reports and KPIs. Then, easily drill into the detail to quickly answer your questions and act fast.

valuable insights

Analytical dashboards are highly interactive and link all your data together. Make it easy for anyone to explore data and discover how to optimize business performance. Experience truly interactive data exploration and uncover fresh insights with filters, brushing, series selection, drills and more.

Out-of-the-box dashboards

Yellowfin ships with pre-built dashboards for your favourite Web applications. Simply connect to your most important Web apps to gain instant insight into your data with Yellowfin.

“Working with the Yellowfin product is a breeze. If someone comes up with an idea, we can create a dashboard that day – it’s that quick.”

Chris Lindley – CEO and Founder, Foundation Footprint

Take your dashboards with you

Personalized Yellowfin dashboards enable you to easily understand your world at a glance – anywhere, anytime. Monitor your most important metrics on any mobile device with Yellowfin native apps, or embed live dashboards on any Web page, wiki or company intranet.

Yellowfin Systems Administrator

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