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Special Character


In my report, I have a free hand sql calculated field to convert a column to lower case.

In my output I see that the special characters are not converted to lower case.


Column has following data which is converted to lower case using free hand sql. All values are same, which should return just one record but I see 3 records and the conversion has not happened

c�ng ty tnhh c�ng ngh? qu?c ngh?a
c�ng ty tnhh c�ng ngh? qu?c ngh?a
c�ng ty tnhh c�ng ngh? qu?c ngh?a

Let me know how to resolve this



Good Afternoon Suneetha,

Hope you are well,

You have given me a very interesting question to look in to, To enable me to further investigate the question I need some further information.

What version and build of Yellowfin are you currently using?
What DB are you using?

The more information you are able to provide the quicker I will be able to provide a resolution.



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