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Soucre filter logic

Yellowfin: 7.1

My question is about source filters and the sql behind it.

Right now the source filters do a matching between 2 fields and then bring back all the data when its true.
But now I have a request to bring back all the data when one of the fields is NULL.
I cannot just create a new view because I have other source filters.

Example for the current system: (Region to Region)

When table1.Region (Australia) in table2.Region (Australia), bring back all the data for that region.

Example for the new request:

When table1.Region (Australia) in table2.Region (NULL), bring back all the data regardless of the table1.region.
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I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with Yellowfin. While the information you have provided is in depth I do require some additional information to assist me with investigating the issue you are having.

You advised you are on Yellowfin 7.1 but are you able to advise what version you are currently using?
Is this affecting all reports that you have this source filter attached to?

Also would it be possible for you to send the log files from the machine you have encountered this on.



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