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scheduled composite view refresh failed

Hi Team,
I have a few composite views that are scheduled to run daily at 8:30 am(they are all select query in them). Every day when I check the Schedule Management, almost every day one or two composite views failed, but then I manually start running it, it succeed. Strange.
Here it is the log that I copied out from Yellowfin log says the composite view failure log:
YF:2016-06-03 08:30:54: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Running Composite View Refresh Task for View 97094: 1,COMPOSITEVIEW,VIEWID,97094
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:10: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Task finished successfully
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:10: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Running Composite View Refresh Task for View 97111: 1,COMPOSITEVIEW,VIEWID,97111
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:21: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Task finished successfully
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:21: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Running Composite View Refresh Task for View 97178: 1,COMPOSITEVIEW,VIEWID,97178
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:27: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Task finished successfully
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:27: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Running Composite View Refresh Task for View 97197: 1,COMPOSITEVIEW,VIEWID,97197
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:35: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Task finished successfully
YF:2016-06-03 08:31:35: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Running Composite View Refresh Task for View 98180: 1,COMPOSITEVIEW,VIEWID,98180
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:00: INFO (SystemTaskManager:run) - Instantiating class: PersistentWebserviceSessionMonitorTask
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:02: INFO (SystemTaskManager:run) - Success instantiating class: PersistentWebserviceSessionMonitorTask
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:28:ERROR (MIViewProcess:A) - Error Populating Database; Dump of current parameters
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:28:ERROR (MIViewProcess:A) - Parameter 0: 100.0000000
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:28:ERROR (MIViewProcess:A) - Parameter 1: MED_WIN1258
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:28:ERROR (MIViewProcess:A) - Parameter 2: 2
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:28:ERROR (DBAction:disconnect) - Error occured when disconnecting from the database: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid state, the Connection object is closed.
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid state, the Connection object is closed.
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ConnectionJDBC2.checkOpen(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ConnectionJDBC2.getAutoCommit(
at com.hof.util.DBAction.rollback(
at com.hof.util.DBAction.disconnect(
at com.hof.mi.process.MIViewProcess.A(
at com.hof.mi.process.MIViewProcess.A(
at com.hof.mi.process.MIViewProcess.populateCompositeTable(
at com.hof.mi.servlet.CompositeViewRefreshTask.runTask(
at com.hof.mi.servlet.TaskScheduler$_A.A(
at com.hof.mi.servlet.TaskScheduler$
at Source)
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:29:ERROR (TaskScheduler:A) - An error occurred loading composite data:
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid state, the ResultSet object is closed.
YF:2016-06-03 08:32:30: INFO (TaskScheduler:A) - Task finished with errors

I have a Free-SQL getdate() column in the composite view. As i check the data in the composite view, this column still shows value 2016-06-03 which is the right date, looks like the data has been populated correctly, but actually it shows a failure.
Could you please help me? Thanks very much.

Hi Anny,

Thanks for sending in the question and I'm sorry to hear that you are running into troubles with your composite views.

I think that this one might be best handled as a support case in our CRM. Do you think you could send the following information to

-Your Yellowfin logs folder (zipped)
-Your Yellowfin build information:How to Check Your Current Build of Yellowfin
-Information regarding how your compositve view is set up. Mainly, which databases are you using to create your composite view?

What I would like to do is try to replicate what you are encountering using your specific build of Yellowfin and see if upgrading has a positive effect.

If a bug is discovered during this to our development team for investigation. If you would like, just cite this forum post in your email and we will like the case to this post. Let me know if you have any questions on this.

Hopefully we can figure out what is going on here quickly.

Kind Regards,


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