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Multiple Login Logic Not Working on Report Links

When clicking on an emailed report link I can't login unless I had manually logged-out of my previous session, or it timed-out. I setup the Multiple Login Logic option to kill the remote session, but this doesn't seem to work when logging-in from a report link. I even tried setting the option to ask the user what to do, but I still can't log in using the report link. I've tried this logic when logging-in normally (standard login page) through a new browser window and it kills the remote session as expected; so it appears to just be an issue with report links.

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Hello Guest,

Could you advise what version / build of Yellowfin you're experiencing this issue with?

Kind Regards,

We're on 7.0

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the version info, but could you let us know what build you are running?
This can be found through the Administration > System Information screen within Yellowfin, or you can run http:/info.jsp .

Providing your build info will allow us to test directly against that build, and if your issue is a recognised defect, check if it has been corrected in a later build.

Kind Regards,

We just upgraded to v7.1 Build 20150624. I still see the same issue.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for this additional info. I'm trying to pin down if this issue is specific to a particular browser, so can I ask what browser you are using, and if it is updated to the latest version?

Could I also trouble you to note down the steps you are taking that results in the concurrent users error? A quick test using Firefox, testing the different multiple login options, hasn't generated an error when opening a report link using Broadcast, while a user session is presently logged in.

Kind Regards,



I'm using IE 11.0. I also just tried this on Firefox 39.0 and received the same result. I have been trying this on the same computer; however, I just logged-in from a separate computer and then tried the report link and still received the same result. If I logout of my original session, then the report link works fine.

My steps to reproduce this are as follows:

1. Login as a test user
2. Open a report
3. Share the report via Email link
4. Logout
5. Login as myself
6. Open the email and click on the link (a new browser window opens)
7. Enter credentials
8. Error shown, with no access to the report

Hope this helps,

Hi Jason,

Thanks very much for those steps, very helpful.

Could I confirm with you that you are sending the email link to the report via the Broadcast feature? Selecting the " Link to Report " option seems to be the only option to send a link to the report, instead of the report being inserted into the email through HTML, PDF, etc.

At present, we still can't replicate this issue - using the Multiple different Login logics, if the report is opened via link in email using the same default browser, the browser detects the same login session and opens the report correctly ( if browser has YF already logged in - if not, a login is requested ).

Sorry to be a pain, but at this point we would need you to send some screenshots of each step you are taking in this process through to, to be sure we're on the same page.

Thanks for your patience, hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,


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