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How to give external users access to report when using a SSO

We have Yellowfin embedded into our site and login to Yellowfin is done by an SSO on our site. I've gone through all the steps to allow external users access to a report, but when I have a user try a given url they are taken to a login screen on our site. Is there a way to bypass the SSO? I suspect this is the same problem I'm having when trying to load a dashboard using Javascript API. We continue to get no results returned and I think it's due to the fact that our site is blocking anyone due to single sign on.
Any thoughts on this?
Hi Derek,

there are a few preparatory steps required before an external user is able to see reports via a link.

please follow the instructions following YF forum post and let us know if that helps:


I've gone through all those steps and my users are still being required to go through our SSO which then loses the url that was pasted into the browser.

I did install a local version of Yellowfin that wasn't integrated into our website SSO and I was able to get external users to view the reports just fine.
Hi Derek,

can you please confirm that have a Multicast licence?

and also, can you confirm that you are using the webservice function LOGINNOPASSWORD


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