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How to disable/enable Analytic Setup option?

I have a user that has access to Analytic Setup on the Dashboards and one that doesn't. I am unsure what setting in the Role Configuration I need to change to enable/disable this feature. Any suggestions?

Hi Gadi,

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You can amend access that users have by going in to the User list in the Admin console, you are also able to change the access an entire user group have but changing the role access.

I have include a screen shot of the role screen so that you are able to see what is available to change.

Forum image

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I have browsed through the Role descriptions and I can't find anything that controls the "Analytic Setup" specifically.

Any hints on what controls that feature?

Hi Gadi,

Thank you for the quick response,

Are you able to provide some additional information regarding what you mean by Analytic setup?


When you go to Edit a Dashboard it should give you an option to select "Analytic Setup" as seen below.

Forum image

In one of the roles that was created this is not available and I am unsure what enable/disables this option.

Hope this helps.

Any more details required? I just can't figure it out what is controlling this feature.
Hello Gadi,

Can I request some additional information to clarify this issue?

Are these two users looking at the same Dashboard?

I do not believe that the Dashboard 'Analytic Setup" option is controlled by a role setting. As long as the user has edit rights to the Dashboard, and the Dashboard in question is of the Analytic type, then the option should be there. If the Dashboard is a KPI, the 'Analytic Setup' is by design not present.

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Thanks Kyle. Our customer was using the KPI dashboard which now explains the issue.

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