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freehand sql formula type doesnt exist

is there a parameter i need to give the role in order to have this option ?

even as admin i don't have it

Good Afternoon Itamar,

Hope you are well,

There is a option under roles that has to be switched on to allow a role/user to be able to use the Freehand SQL option. To access this option you need to go to the following location

Administration > Admin Console > Role Management (select role you wish to have access) > Report Builder > the last option on this list is the one you need to tick to enable this function.

If you do need any further information please feel free to contact us.


Hi, thanks for the fast answer.
it was already ticked and still i don't have the option.

any ideas?
Hi Itamar,

Sorry for the confusion,

Once the box is ticketed you need to save the changes then log out of Yellowfin and back in, this will then refresh the system and apply the required changes to the system.



i did that ,
but still i dont have the option in report formulas


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