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Cumulative SUM by date, descending

Hi all,

A default view is that the cumulative sum is presented in the ascending order, i.e:

Date SUM Total SUM
8/7/2015 335 335
7/7/2015 435 770
6/7/2015 426 1196
5/7/2015 344 1540
4/7/2015 326 1866
3/7/2015 258 2124
2/7/2015 302 2426
1/7/2015 126 2552

Since the dates in my report are presented in descending order, I need the cumulative sum also be presented in the same way:

Date SUM Total SUM
8/7/2015 335 2552
7/7/2015 435 2217
6/7/2015 426 1782
5/7/2015 344 1356
4/7/2015 326 1012
3/7/2015 258 686
2/7/2015 302 428
1/7/2015 126 126

How do I do it?
Hi There,

Unfortunately what you are trying to do isn't possible. This has to do with how relational databases sort columns, and how the 'Accumulative Total' advanced function aggregates data.

I'm not sure if this is a possibility for you or not, but what you could consider is exporting your table to a .csv file, sort the 'Total Sum' column individually, and then re-import the .csv back into Yellowfin to build your report.

This probably isn't ideal, but I thought it was worth offering up as a suggestion. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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