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Crosstab with data duplication!


I have three data columns grouped by month and showed using sections (Section Style = "Tabbed").

Please see image 1 (expected scenario):

Forum image

However, each section (years) process, the crosstab report duplicate my columns

Please see image 2 and 3 (the current scenario):

Forum image

Forum image

The more sections, more duplicate columns!

Detail: My report use one subquery and each column belongs to a query. The situation happens when I use data of the subquery

What is the reason of this? Error? Can I use "Sections" with "Crosstab"?



Yellowfin 7 - build 20150615
Hi! I think the problem is the subquery. I did the test without subqueries and it works. See the image below.

Forum image
Anderson, can you try without subqueries?
Hi Arthur,

It is working fine now. The problem was solved.

Thanks for the prompt reply.



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