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Additional fonts for Storyboard

While creating a Storyboard i can only see 6 OOTB fonts are available,

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We need to add/Install more fonts for the Storyboards,
Please let us know how we can add more fonts
I have read below FAQ but not sure if its relevant for storyboards,
Thanks in advance.

Any Update on this,
Is this possible ??

Good Afternoon Abhijeet,

Hope you are well,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you, I have been looking in to your request and I am sorry to say that at the moment it is not possible to add any additional fonts to the storyboard configuration, I can log this request as enhancement request and pass it to the Dev team to see if it is possible to have this option in future releases.

Please let me know how you would like us to proceed?


Thanks Adam,
Most of our customers wants to use Storyboard presentation in their periodic meetings but they need to follow organization's formatting and font standard, With current choice it is not presentable to the audience so they need to expand the font selection,

Can you please raise it as Enhancement request and When we can expect this functionality be available ?


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