Yellowfin Partner Success Story

Data Transformed, an Australian-based Yellowfin partner, has had an exciting six months. Their team has doubled in size and they have implemented a number of successful projects, to a wide array of customers including Kollaras Group, Beyond International TV Productions, and CEnet – their largest implementation to date with 30,000 seats.
Data Transformed delivers Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to organizations with best-of-breed software, including Business Intelligence via Yellowfin, as well as Data Warehousing, Data Quality, Budgeting and Planning. They also provide management and business process consulting, implementation and project administration through services and solutions.  
30,000 seat implementation for CEnet

Data Transformed is in the process of implementing it’s largest deployment with CEnet, a not-for-profit information, communication and learning technology services organization supporting Catholic education networks.
“After evaluating several BI tools, we came down to choosing Yellowfin via Data Transformed because of its ease of use, functionality, price and ability to scale to our 30,000 end users,” said Jeff Gunn, a CEnet consultant involved in the decision making process.
Six month Return-on-Investment for Kollaras

Last August, Data Transformed announced Kollaras Group as one of their latest customers taking advantage of deeper insights stemming from the implementation of Yellowfin reporting and analytics. The Australian liquor, hospitality and property investment company has reported back eight months with positive results. Kollaras IT Manager Jonathon Miller explained that: “We have an increased understanding of existing customer purchase history through reports that show an overview of customer transactions.” Miller elaborated saying that: “Now we have perceptiveness around where our products are doing well and when they are profitable. For example, a cruise ship was buying our whisky for the duty free shop, but not for the bar. And, when they did a whisky tasting in the bar, there was no opportunity to buy afterwards. As a result of having this insight, we were able to properly stock our product in the appropriate areas for purchase, resulting in increased sales.”
“We can now view and act on low margin items such as losing money on freight, which we previously had little knowledge of,” added Miller. Not only has Yellowfin impacted their operations and visibility, but it has also had an impact on their bottom line. Miller explained that: “Overall, Yellowfin has saved Kollaras’ finance department over 100 hours per month in reporting and we were able to recoup our costs in less than six months.”
The growth continues…

In addition, this month, Beyond International TV Productions have also joined the mix of Data Transformed customers using Yellowfin.  
When discussing how Yellowfin contributes to Data Transformed’s success, Shane Preston, Data Transformed COO, attributes it to finding great opportunities. Preston explained: “As a company, we have skills and experience in the finance space, which has led to us working with a variety of customers that are really just fed up with spreadsheets for their finances and back office processes. We tend to work more in this segment, per se, than in a particular industry.
“This approach has led to a lot of great opportunities to work with companies who need BI. Sometimes we work initially with a finance department, but then other parts of the business ask for Yellowfin for their reporting and analytics as well.”
Dan Cox, Chief Technical Officer from Data Transformed, is pleased with their recent growth and expansion. Cox explained that: “Partnering with Yellowfin was a wise decision. We are benefiting and so are our customers. We are looking forward to continued opportunities to help businesses with a deeper understanding of their own data creating effective decision making executives, advising on process changes and guiding them through the barriers to increased productivity and increased profitability.”

About Data Transformed

Data Transformed Consulting Services Pty Ltd, originally founded in 2004, was formed to deliver Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to organizations with next generation software, with quick return on investment, rapid delivery phases, high performance results and low cost of entry. Data Transformed offers a fresh approach to CPM across Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Budgeting/Planning. World-class solutions include Yellowfin BI, Actian for action on Big Data, Maxiplan for budgeting and forecasting, QFire for data quality, Hortonworks for Hadoop data management, and Bill Inmon’s Textual ETL for Unstructured Data (Official Australian Distributor). For more information visit

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Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor passionate about making BI easy. Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin is a highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution. Yellowfin is a leader in mobile, collaborative and embeddable BI as well as Location Intelligence and data visualization. For more information, visit

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